Desde os primórdios da existência humana, vivemos em constantes mudanças. O mundo vem sofrendo alterações, estamos vivendo num novo espaço de comunicação, novas ferramentas surgem com a tecnologia , possibilitando novas formas de ensinar, aprender e se relacionar e cabe à nós, a exploração das potencialidades desse espaço.

Neste blog, pretendo discutir, abordar e compartilhar assuntos sobre Educação e Tecnologia e temas trabalhados no curso de Mestrado em Pedagogia ELearning.

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quarta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2015


Após discutirmos sobre a virtualização das relações sociais, também não podemos deixar de mencionar a questão da sociedade em rede que envolve diretamente a dimensão comunitária e colaborativa da aprendizagem.

Os vídeos de Michael Wesch nos mostra um pouco sobre esse assunto...

Michael Wesch's Videos

We have watched recently, attending the curricular unit of Education and Network Society, four very interesting videos belonging to the "master pieces" of Michael Wesch. We publish on this space of communication, our comments about these media with the hope to awaken, in each one of you, the desire of watching the full videos - we assure that you will not regret.

Video 1:

We want to first congratulate the commitment and dedication to the work produced in order to help and teach the younger generation in how to help others.

We found this video very rewarding and a great way to carry solidarity through the planet, using new technologies, in this case the video on YouTube.

By watching it, we are immediately surrounded by a pleasant sense of confidence in the youth of today, concerning their attitudes, values, solidarity, responsibility, brotherly love and many other feelings that should be strongly rescued, trained to bravely survive in order to construct a new society, using a network to create a network, more just and caring.

This video helps to overcome preconception that involves the new media, leading us to use them in behalf of the education process besides the entertainment, communication, transmission of content and others. It demonstrates that the exercise of integration of network communications, the share of network ideas and the collaborative construction of concepts has the power to awaken the student to social issues, regardless of status, nation, color or other forms of segregation used, mainly in the academies. 

As educators we feel touched to elaborate, with our students, activities of collaboration and sharing using social media and everyday cases, in order to develop in students a sense of co-responsibility with each other, at the same time, providing stimulus, feeling of belonging to the school and to the educational act. 

It´s amazing the involvement of Dr. Wesch, in the creation of these projects, together with your students and, in our opinion, should be replicated throughout the world because these are facts and needs that persist in our reality and are often forgotten. 

Video 2:

Reflecting around this video, the group found it quite interesting, focusing on important issues and emerging in the educational field. It is impressive how, in a few minutes, the video provides a picture that describes the pedagogical issue today: how the teaching-learning process needs to be innovated.

This video is a rich resource to be used in teacher training courses, always with the aim of showing possible paths for a pedagogical practice that embraces new media (after all, these are tools created by man to serve man and that are present in students everyday).

However, this is a challenge that is imposed to the teacher and consequently their profession, in order to respond to this turning, looking for new ways to create a balance between educational practices and the needs of everyday life of the student, for a fruitful and successful learning. At the same time, urges us to recognize that this man today is different, so you can not keep a pedagogical practice without evolution. It is clear: the student is not satisfied and has the potential to develop multiple skills, provided it is given space to act as protagonist.

Video 3:

"The Machine is (Changing) Us: YouTube and the Politics of Authenticity"
We would like to, in the first place, thank the opportunity of contacting with this rich material, because it shows the progress of written communication and the advantage of the current digital text, promoting flexibility and agility, besides providing the use of hyperlinks, a huge range of information and, consequently, new learning's.

This network leads us to a collective production, bringing in its wake conceptual, behavioral and cultural changes.

This connectivity involves us in a way that allows us the development of creativity, imagination and new skills, in order to obtain a meaningful education, with interactivity and dynamism.

Video 4:

We feel enriched by the approach, of Dr. Wesch, in this video. Indeed, the arising of the technology comes with effects that naturally influence our behavior and sometimes our identity gets in crisis. The video highlights the importance of the same technology in overcoming this crisis, as it shows that unlike TV, YouTube can provide us a space for self-reflection, without losing the connection to the world.

Dr. Michael Wesch, congratulations for your initiative!

Best Regards,
The Lambda Group, Master class in Pedagogy of Elearning 2014/2015, at the Universidade Aberta in Portugal :
                Amélia Mungoi
                Eliane Ciolfi
                Leideana Bacurau
                Lúcia Couto

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